About me

It was a crisp fall day on May 8th when a beautiful baby boy was born…

Ok maybe we do not need to go that far back.

I’m Michael and aside from being a lifelong student of martial arts and an avid fan of the NY Mets, I try to put some of my thoughts here for anyone to read. If you’re just thinking about training in a form of martial arts, I might be able to help, but the best idea is for people to go to their local dojos and try a class. Most karate and kickboxing studios will allow people to experience a trial class to see if it is a good fit.

As a little kid I was full of boundless enthusiasm and was constantly laughing and being goofy. With an amazing imagination and a huge dose of curiosity about the world, I actually was not afraid of anything. Well, except monsters.

School was fantastic for me, and as a student, I loved to accept simple dares from friends and classmates.

In short, I lived life the way I wanted to and I felt life was great.

Though later, I started to become insecure, scared and afraid because of some classroom bullies. I just wanted to be accepted, so I took up karate and that helped me focus a lot. It also kept the bullies at bay.

After I graduated from college and joined the workforce, I began to resent work politics mixed with being forced to climb the career ladder, I was caught up in trying to fit in, do what I was told and follow in line with everyone else in society. I learned it wasn’t good to rock the boat, speak your mind or try to change anything.

I realized I was deeply unhappy with the life I’d fallen into. I used to be that little boy who was full of vigor who laughed, took risks, and had fun. That boy who was full of dreams and never let anything get in his way of achieving them.

My friend T. Chandler Haliburton encouraged me and I decided something had to change, and that it was time for me to create my own life again…one that I could be proud of.

It did not happen over night and trust me, I still spend time working on creating the life I want. I know this is process and I am enjoying the journey.

I learned very quickly I was not alone…

It is so easy for us to get caught up living life for others that we forget to be authentic to ourselves, our needs, our wants, our dreams, and our goals.

I want to make that difference in others lives by helping them to move their dreams in reality. To create their own personal rules on life and realize that life can be happier than they ever expected!

In the words of Victor Melville: Isn’t it about time that you start living your life out loud?